Diamond Engagement Rings

The other day I was browsing the extremely vast selection of engagement rings and diamond wedding rings in the Birmingham Jewellery quarter and realized that I wished I had a guide to just tell me what to get. There are so many options, the price range is so great, and there are so many types of diamond engagement rings that I really did not know where to begin. So I thought I would try to save people a lot of time in the future and make a guide of my own to share with the world. I am not the first and will not be the last person to buy a diamond engagement ring, so this can serve a lot of people very well in the future diamond engagement rings .

Things to consider when rings
One of the considerations you will have to make when you are ring shopping is what type of cut do you want the diamond to have. These days, princess cut diamond engagement rings have become very popular options. Princess cut diamond rings have a distinctive shape because the face of the diamond appears to be a square or a rectangle. This is a new style that was only introduced fifty years ago. Prior to that time, most diamond rings were cut in more of a round shape. The rounded shape requires the jeweler to remove more of the rough diamond, so this type of cut is more expensive diamond engagement ring .

What are diamond rings all about
Princess cut engagement rings, by contrast, are much more affordable and that is why they have become so popular. They also appear bigger because they have such a flat, large surface facing up. Each cut that the jeweler makes on the diamond is called a facet, and the princess cut has far fewer facets than its rounded counterparts. To be perfectly honest, another reason why these rings are popular now has nothing to do with the cut of the diamond but rather with its marketing. What girl does not want to have a ring with the word princess attached to it? You can be sure that this was an intentional move by the industry because its other name is the far more mundane profile cut. That is simply not as exciting diamond wedding rings .

Paying more for better
After you select the cut of the diamond, and of course the size of the diamond, you will then need to select the ring itself. The metal that you choose for the ring will have a major impact on the overall cost and quality of the ring. The standard metals used in rings are silver, gold, and platinum. These days most people are tending towards lighter colors like white gold and platinum, but the choice is ultimately yours. Platinum engagement rings are by far the most expensive, but they are also the shiniest and most durable. Platinum is resistant to scratches and all of the wear that the ring will get throughout its lifetime. If you can shell out the extra cash up front, this is a good investment for the long term engagement rings .